God is still speaking

Faith United Church of Christ     6886 Salem Road      Cincinnati, Ohio  45230  map       513-231-8285

email:  faithucc1@gmail.com

Faith UCC church serves Mount Washington, Anderson Township, Eastern Cincinnati, and Hamilton and Clermont County

Our Ministries

The Missions group at Faith UCC is extremely active both locally and abroad.  Our mission is to reach out in love beyond the church doors with compassion to all in need.

  • Every year we are paired with families from Interparish Ministry whom we follow throughout the year.
  • At Thanksgiving, we provide those families with food and groceries for a Thanksgiving meal and beyond
  • At Christmas, we provide not only food, but also clothes and toys.‚Äč
  • We prepare disaster relief and personal care kits for the Ohio Conference.
  • We collect food year-round to help families in our area
  • We collect school bags and supplies for children returning to school to be distributed by Interparish Ministry.
  • We make personal care kits for the James Saul Center, a shelter for homeless and abused women and children
  • We support the Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association Global Partnership with Rubate College in Kenya, Africa.  We have sponsored fund-raising dinners, hosted visitors from Kenya, and supported a grass-roots organization known as the Kind Mothers, whose mission is to care for AIDS orphans and single mothers with children in the Rubate area.  In addition, we have donated money and supplies to build a health clinic on the Rubate college campus.
  • The mission committee helps families within our church when necessary with food, gas, utility bills, and rent.
  • We coordinate meal assistance in case of illness, injury, or when needed.
  • We promote our church's wider mission throughout the world.
  • We help with lunches following funerals
  • The mission committee donates money to the following places:  SEM Food Pantry, Interparish Ministry, One Way Farm, James Saul Center, Washington United Church of Christ, and Crossroads.
  • We promote mission opportunites sponsored by the Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association, the Ohio conference, and the National Office of the United Church of Christ.  These special offerings include:
                         - Blanket Sunday.  A Church World Service offering which provides blankets, tents, food and tools for disaster 
                                                        victims around the world.

                       - Neighbors in Need.  Provides funds for justice and compassion ministries in the Unites States.

                       - One Great Hour of Sharing.  Money from this offering allows our churches wider mission to work with international
                                                                          partners to provide sources of clean water and food, education and health care, small
                                                                          business assistance, emergency relief, and advocacy and resettlement for refugees and
                                                                          displaced persons.

                       - Strengthen the Church.  Funds new church starts and invigorates existing ministries, builds youth and young adult
                                                                   ministries, supports the God is Still Speaking Ministry.

                       - Christmas Fund.  Provides pension and health premium supplementation to retired pastors and other

                       - Crossroads.  An Indiana home for mentally and physically disabled adults.

  • All Missions money is raised by projects supported by the Missions Committee.  Projects include:  mission brunches and lunches, craft sale, sale of greeting cards, and parking for Anderson Days in Beech Acres Park.